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Facebook Advertising is gaining popularity as more and more brands realize the importance of social media and the exposure that it provides on a worldwide scale. Most popular of all are the Standard Ad Units also known as Stamp Ads. These are just the basic ad units while Facebook has variety of others to offer such as the page post ads, mobile app install ads, sponsored stories, log-out ads etc. Below given is an apt depiction of the various Ad Units by Qwaya.

Facebook ad Formats

With so many ad variations available it is very easy to miss out on optimization of these Facebook Ads. Trying out the different type of ad units with various parameter settings is the best way to determine which ad works for your brand. Nevertheless there are few general Best Practices which can improve your campaign performance. These are being followed by many advertising agencies and the professionals at Facebook advice the same.

  • Stamp Ads are more prone to mismanagement as these are the most popular ones. One should take note of various metrics and also about various related aspects before going live with the Facebook campaign
  • Huge TG for each ad doesn’t mean great performance. Best practice is to keep small portion of whole TG for one ad and create many such ad units by varying a factor like age range. This enables us to know which creative is performing better for which age range. Also this has proved to be better optimization technique for many nascent Facebook Brand Pages and even for few established ones
    E.g.: Total TG = 10Million
    Required Age Range = 18yrs – 25yrs
    My Ad Units will be as follows:  
  • Creating Multiple Campaigns for better performance of the overall Facebook Campaign. Creating multiple ad copies is simple but there will be ad copies which will perform better. Where will this leave us with other low performing ad copies?
    Simple answer is to shift those ads to a new campaign and allocate small part of the budget to analyze their performance and take appropriate action i.e. Continue or Pause those ads.
  • Sponsored Stories are created along with Stamp Ads when executing a Facebook Page campaign. Best practice is to separate these Sponsored Stories by creating similar ones in another campaign. Yes, you don’t need Sponsored Stories to consume budget reserved for Stamp Ads. Separate allocation of budget helps in getting performance Sponsored Stories Campaign
  • Creative Rotation is key to combat ad fatigue by swapping out old ads for new, this surely enhances overall campaign performance
  • Unless there are restrictions on the ad text and images from the client, one can also improve the overall performance of the campaign with few simple tweaks:

    1. In addition to the ad being written in a very clear manner, the ad text should always include a call-to-action
    2. Use bold colors that stand out from Facebook’s blue color scheme. Something on the lines of more attention grabbing bright red or your brand’s strong color scheme
    3. Make use of well-known brand imagery. Try prominently displaying your logo, mascot, or brand colors

Facebook offers a variety of advertising options including standard ads, page post ads, mobile app install ads, sponsored stories, etc. Try a blend of different ad formats for best results. Every brand cannot be treated the same when it comes to Facebook Advertising, but above mentioned Best Practices can certainly form a part of the campaign's success.

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