Mumbai will bounce back

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The barbaric acts carried out on the 26th of November shocked and stunned not just Mumbai or India but the world. Terror struck at the icons of Indian heritage… some of the most famous location in Mumbai… the CST, The Taj and The Oberoi. A nation was held to ransom by 10 insane extremists who belong to no nation, no religion and no race. Just 10 highly motivated and brain washed terrorists whose only job was to kill.

There will be several questions raised in the aftermath of this horrible attack and hopefully the officials will react to ensure that this does not happen ever again. I don’t want to go down that path and be a part of blaming anyone. I just hope our government has learnt it’s lesson and will react the way it should, before we lose any more innocent lives to this menace.

All I want to say is, as a Mumbaikar, I urge each and every person to go on with their life and not get cowered down by a handful of terrorists. Be vigilant… You owe that to your loved ones… but don’t change the way you live… You owe that to this wounded city.

I think I speak for everyone in this city when I assure the world that Mumbai will bounce back!

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  1. I whole-heartedly agree that Mumbai WILL bounce back.
    But I think to call upon the resilience of Mumbaites as a people and use it as an excuse to further inaction towards safe guarding national security and correcting the system is an outrage and should not be tolerated!

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