The Plagiarism Menace Online

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The internet has made it simple for people to copy content… but search engines like Google and sites like copyscape have made it even simpler to find these guys. The question once you find them is whether you want to go through the trouble of getting them off the search engines or the internet.

Personally, like every other person who spends time thinking and coming up with original content, I hate people copying stuff from our site. However, a sentence or 2 here or there is something I tend to ignore. However, there are a quite a few folks out there who have copied entire paragraphs of content. There are a few who have copied our entire pages, including references to our inhouse web analytics tool, Hitstatz. I wonder how they can call themselves genuine business practicing ethical SEO.

While I don’t want to mention all the sites that have copied our stuff here, I have to mention this one guy –

This guy has copied our entire front page, including screenshots of Hitstatz reports and has the audacity to refer to this image as a screenshot of their inhouse analytics application. I would love to meet this guy and ask him to prove that he has developed an inhouse analytics application that produces reports that look like that picture.

I sincerely pray and hope that people, who want to do business, understand that setting up an online business is hard work and you cannot just copy original content written by other people if you want to genuinely grow and survive in the longer term.

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