The World Is STILL Flat!!!

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Everyone has heard about “The World Is Flat”. I was recently watching the author of the book, Thomas Friedman, give a keynote address which was being broadcast on CNBC. The program was aptly titled, “The World Is STILL Flat”.
It was an interesting lecture, but there were 2 points that clearly stuck on -

1 – He said that the date August 9, 1995 should be etched in History. Why? Because this is the day a small technology company called Netscape went public and triggered the dot com boom. Their simple little point, click and surf browser coupled with the tons of optical fiber laid by companies instantly brought Bangalore, Beijing and America closer. It made us all neighbors!!!

2 – In a flat world anything will be done, either it will be done by u or to you.

We all know about the first point. However, it’s the second point that I feel is so true. Today, the barrier for entry to most business is much lower than it ever was… and if one can dream it… he can do it. And if he doesn’t, someone else surely will!!!

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