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Convonix Premier League, or CPL as all of us at Convonix call it, ended today and oh my, what a tournament! It was a brilliant show of passion, team spirit, a will to win and most of all – CRICKET.

Convonix turned out on the field, as one. 12 teams, 180 players, all in one place. It was so different from a normal work day, so not routine. You see so many people that you have never crossed paths with in office, talk to so many people who you see in office everyday but never end up having a conversation with, so many who you think you know but whose personalities just change as soon as they are on the field. Such an awesome experience!

And this year was no different. Although, we didn’t end up winning, it was really fun to play with people who have so much passion, who play to win. We played as a team, one unit that wanted the trophy, supporting each other and lifting each other’s morale. People, you were the most awesome team!

Every team showed that they were not inferior in any way to any other team on that ground. And there were surprises, tons of them – Mrinmayi being the biggest (or the smallest :P ) one. What a player – she connected every ball, played actual cricketing shots, ran tirelessly between the wickets and basically showed everyone that she is a force to reckon with(we know who to bid for next year!). Sahil, who I have never heard speaking in office, played with so much zeal and enthusiasm and he was absolutely amazing on the field. Nikita, who looks so tiny, had some really good overs and a few wickets to her name by the time we were done. Kadamji was a surprise package as well. He set an example to everyone sitting there with the way he fielded. And many many more…

                                CPL - Player of the Tournament - Mrinmayi Sawant

                                Mrinmayi Sawant – Player of the Tournament – CPL

                                Pic courtesy – Manasi Raje – from Instagram

I shouldn’t forget to mention the excellent commentating by Subu and Ganesh. Their wisecracks made the tournament more fun. From the top management to the latest joinee, no one was spared. Each person has been slaughtered with their absolutely spot on comic timing.

We must have been such a pain to the organizers with all the appealing and screaming on and off the field. But Rahul & Arunesh, like always, pulled it off. And they pulled it off in style. CPL 2013 was memorable. Overall, it was a really successful tournament in more ways than one. It brought together people from different verticals and made them play as a team, sledge others and laugh together while making fun of their own friends. Most importantly, it brought the whole of Convonix together in a way that work never can. We were friends, opponents and supporters on that field. We epitomised just one thing – the spirit of CONVONIX! 

To many more CPLs in the coming years…


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  1. good one heta, in my opinion CPL leaped a level up this year..glad to be present

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