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Sitting and listening to presentations on a wonderful rainy Saturday is never easy; however the latest edition of Convonix’s bi-monthly “All-Hands Knowledge Sharing and Discussion Session” was definitely worth it. The first presentation of the day was an insight into the emerging paid search platforms such as Facebook and Mobile ads. Our Smartphones are steadily becoming an integral part of our daily lives and it definitely makes sense to tap into this lucrative market in order to harbour interactivity and for increased targeting options. Facebook too provides ample opportunities to target users on basis of various variables such as demographics, location, interests or even their relationship status! The PPC team definitely gave us a glimpse into the future of paid search advertising where attributes like focussed targeting and interactivity will be emphasised, pushing the R.O.Is even further up for our clients.

“Custom Reports” on Google Analytics is a sparingly used feature which makes reporting more focussed by eliminating excessive navigation, which is one of the primary drawbacks of a standard report. The presenting team cleverly pointed out how custom reports can not only help users select more dimensions while creating their report, but also make it more precise.

“Marketing without Social Media is like a Burger without Cheese”. A simple concept of the advantages of social media was brilliantly put across by the Social Media Marketing team.The Team used popular Global as well as in-house examples to highlight the reason why social media is  undeniably the need of the hour. It was a crisp, to the point presentation, which highlighted the integration of Social Media in an overall Business Strategy.

Kudos to our software team for coming up with a super effective and efficient campaign management Software for our PPC campaigns. Another feather in Convonix’s cap indeed!

The presentations were followed by a Business Plan Competition that comprised of 5 teams of enthusiastic Convonites who created and pitched their Business ideas to a panel of 5 judges. The purpose behind this competition was to enable Convonites to think beyond their daily roles and put their creativity to the test, while developing some business acumen. All the 5 teams performed remarkably and convinced us that the “Next Big Idea” is within us. All we need to do is, explore and discover our true passion, define goals and work with enviable rigor. Here’s looking forward to more such sessions that will continue to inspire and enlighten us all.

Cheers to all Convonites!

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  1. Social media contributing to business strategy; right from core operations to on-ground co-ordination is still unexplored and yet to be exploited!

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