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Office was buzzing with activity as usual this evening. When suddenly, phones started ringing and Vishal’s mobile went on an overdrive. And before anyone of us could comprehend what’s happening, a team mate dashed in to the conference room where 3 of us work, and said, ‘We’re on Rediff…1st page!’

And then we checked and found Vishal’s interview in an article titled ‘A million dollar company built on failure.’ We knew an article on rediff.com was coming but never expected it to be titled this way! Extremely candid interview with our CEO, who answers the ‘How we started off’ questions with a tremendous zeal :-) The article talks in depth about his journey from a Radio FM site webmaster to being the CEO of a 40 odd employee firm and seeks to motivate budding entrepreneurs, which I think it does, looking at the comments that started flowing in.

You read interviews of the rich and famous, celebrities and businessmen; and one day you read an interview of this kid who had the passion to defy odds, fulfil his dream and go on to build an organization…and it truly makes you sit back and wonder…”If he could do it, why can’t I?” So let’s hope this article reaches out and inspires many like us who dream to achieve something special!

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