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When it comes to understanding and getting the best knowledge of the Google Adwords platform, one of the primary advertising platforms for brands on the internet, nothing beats the supremacy of the Google Adwords Blog. The Google Adwords Help Forum on the blog is an ideal resource for individuals to pose their questions about Adwords and receive interesting and useful tips on how to make the most of their campaign and leverage it to its optimum capacity. Recently the forum held a “Share Your Best Practices Week“ which involved experts and users from all over the world contributing their opinions and suggestions on the Topic: “Best practices for choosing managed placements. At the end of the week Google Employees chose the 5 best tips and suggestions from all over the world and showcased it on their blog; the Adwords Bible!

We are proud to note that we have an expert in our midst who shared her valuable opinion on the forum and had it recognized by Google Employees as one of the “Top 5 Answers” submitted from all over the world. Kudos to Shweta Sampat for her contribution and the recognition she received! This is in keeping with Convonix’s reputation of being at the cutting edge of research.

Congrats Shweta and keep us posted on the status of the goodie bag from Google!!

Google Adwords Blog

Google Adwords Blog

Shweta's Opinion Recognised by Google Employees to be amongst Top 5

Shweta's Opinion Valued amongst Top 5 by Google Employees

Read Shweta’s Opinions on Google Adwords Blog.

Read more about Pay Per Click at Convonix.

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  1. Great advice from each of the Adwords specialists.
    @ Shweta – where do i sign up for PPC training?

  2. Thanks for this post guys!!!

    Btw.. I got my goodie bag.. n it is a realll goodie!!!! It has a wireless google mouse, a google bag, a Google tee, google stickers, google cap.. :) .. okay.. enough of making you guys jealous.. but Google actually sent all that stuff!

    The best thing was – there was also a handwritten letter of appreciation by the Google Adwords Forum Co-ordinator, Mini!
    it was damn sweet of her to do that!

    @Kunal – You have been trying to learn PPC for 3 yrs now!!!
    n ur welcome anytime.. though you should learn from the younger generation now! Damn!!! I feel old! ;)


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