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Facebook Advertising Solutions are gaining much popularity with the ever rising social media awareness. Facebook provides various solutions such as the Stamp Ads, Sponsored Story, Promoted Posts, Newsfeed Ads, Premium Solutions and Logout Ads to the advertisers. With so many advertising solutions Facebook provides detailed and multiple level data reporting system. It has numerous metrics for the advertiser to gauge the performance of the Facebook Campaigns.

But the downside to the current Facebook reporting structure is its Exported Report Format. It simply isn't up to the mark for any marketing personnel when it comes to providing Facebook Campaign reports to the client. With very less effort and few Microsoft Office Excel features things can be drastically changed. This simple yet effective reporting structure is described below.

*All screenshots taken are of Microsoft Office Excel 2010.

1. Exported Facebook Report Format:

  • The format shown below has 5 days data with an account having only 4 campaigns running.

Facebook Report

2. Insert the Pivot Table:

Pivot Table

3. Select the necessary metrics from the Field List:

Field List

4. Caution: By default all fields are selected as the 'Sum of Field'. So fields like CPC, CPM etc. need to be calculated as given below.

Fields Items Sets

Calculated Field

5. Final Facebook Ad Report: The final report is a collapsible Pivot Table which is easier to understand and very simple to create.

Facebook Ad Report

Above given method is applicable for any type of exported report from Facebook such as Age Demographic report, Gender Demographic report etc. Pivot Table helps in easy representation of data on multiple campaigns running over longer duration, also with the recent changes in the Facebook Ads Manager it is possible to select week/weeks while exporting the raw data.

This is much presentable, simpler and less time consuming approach for Facebook Ad Reports which will surely make your clients life easier!

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