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To build and engage an audience, you must share great content with them on a regular basis. This has become one of the thumb rules of internet marketing today and is vital for the success of any campaign. "Content Marketing" as it is known, can be quite the task as we seek to continuously update our blog pages, keep our social profiles relevant, and get maximum returns from our email marketing. Shareist is a tool designed for affiliate marketers and us social media buffs to make our lives easier, and to let us get the most out of the effort that goes into maintaining this online presence.

I was introduced to this tool recently and it has greatly improved the quality of content that goes out on the social profiles of the accounts that I manage. Not only that, I can now manage all my postings from a single interface which reduces the time involved as well. I will highlight some of the features of this platform and its advantages to social media enthusiasts and marketers below -

What does Shareist do?

We have established that sharing great content is vital for success. But you don't have to create all this content yourself. Content curation is a way to quickly provide a valuable content piece to your audience, without putting in the hours of work required to develop that content. With the Shareist bookmarklet, research tool, content inbox, and social media sharing, you've got all you need to build a successful content marketing strategy with curation.

The Shareist bookmarklet is a browser tool that allows you to quickly capture and share any page you come across while going about your business on the web all day long. Stumbled across an article relevant to your brand? All you have to do it hit the Shareist bookmarklet and it will save the link for you within the Shareist platform ready for your next tweet or post.

For more sources of ideas and content, use the Research tool. Enter in RSS feeds and other pre-defined keyword searches to get an endless supply of content ideas and items to share.

You can also save ideas, images, videos, as well as links directly to the Ideas Inbox by clicking on the "Capture/Share" link. Using this, you can simply create a social media post from scratch tailor made to your client’s specifications or your campaign requirements.

Figure 1: Save text, images, videos etc. for your next social media update

Now that you have all this great content which you have curated, you can begin sharing via social platforms. Shareist can be linked with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Buffer and you can schedule and share posts to any of these platforms. View all your activity on the calendar view so you can see what's been shared, what is scheduled, and where you may have gaps to fill. There is also a social analytics tab which gives you insights into the impact of your post. Metrics like clicks, retweets, favorites, likes, comments etc. can be viewed for each post as applicable to the social platform.

Figure 2: Use the calendar view to organize your activity

Figure 3: Use Social Analytics to gain insights into your campaign

That covers the social aspect. Now onto maintaining that perfect blog page. Shareist can be connected to popular blogging platforms like Tumblr, Blogger, Drupal, Typepad, and WordPress. You can use Shareist for all your content marketing tasks, like capturing ideas, scheduling, writing content, and publish it straight to your blog with the click of a button.

Email marketing services like Constant Contact, GetResponse, Mailchimp can also be integrated and managed via Shareist. You can quickly and easily publish email newsletters and updates to your lists, all without leaving Shareist.

That sums up the major features. Now on to its application and why I think this tool can really help people manage their content marketing activities -







  1. Create projects: You can create multiple projects on Shareist which helps you segment your activity (by topic, client, or website), and create content for publishing on blogs, newsletters, and ebooks.
  2. Collaborators: Invite team-members, clients, freelancers, editors, and guest bloggers as collaborators. These people can add content into your Inbox. Thus you can have multiple people adding great content which you can then review and disseminate as you deem fit. Save time by having a centralized place for ideas and content.
  3. Great content: Shareist provides you with a steady stream of really good content all in one place. Apart from the bookmarked pages, created content and keyword searches, you can connect RSS feeds & streams like Instagram, Delicious, Flickr, Instapaper, etc. All you have to do is pick the best content from your inbox and you have valuable content to share with your audience.
  4. Social Scheduling: It's not always possible to post content at the time that you want it to go out. Using Shareist you can schedule your posts to go out as and when you want them to. Manage your social activity for the entire week and have the bandwidth for other more pressing issues.
  5. Social Analytics: Although Shareist only offers basic insights into post performance, it is interesting to have a comparison of posts that go out on multiple platforms to see on which it performs better. Use this to figure out what your audience is looking for on a particular platform. Save the ones that get an outstanding response for future content pieces.
  6. Publishing to CMS & Building and sending newsletters: Don't have a blog for your website? Don’t have an email marketing campaign? Maybe it’s time to get started. Use Shareist and stay on top of your content management system and emailers.
  7. Project Website: Each project comes with a free Shareist website to publish to.

I hope this article has shed some light on the advantages of using a tool like Shareist. What techniques/tools do you use to source content for your business? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Wow, superb article, I will have to reread it a couple of times , for you know my knowledge and knowhow, of this area is zilch…..but you are at least making some sense to me……looking forward to you being able to work on my project….even if I may not be able to pay your deserved fee, but you could make me a case project. Come over to Dubai , and with Dad, and me and you, we may turn ART STOP…..around….please do think about it….Good luck always Murtuza, but you and your company are surely going to shine….
    Masoom Hamza Vahanvaty

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