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Did you notice the Google search result page a little more crowded than before? The sponsored links column just got shifted a little more towards the left and does grab more attention while you scan results. This does seem to be an attempt towards getting more people to click on the paid listings, especially users with wide screens.

A Google spokesperson confirmed that it “shifted the ads to the left on the page as a way to help users find what they are looking for on the Internet.”

Google Sponsored Links

Google Sponsored Links

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  1. I just saw another blog about this.. and the question there was… WHY??
    Why is Google shifting the Sponsored Links column to the left?

    Here’s wot the other blog said:

    “Since your average Google searcher may not be aware of the difference between organic and paid search results, I’m guessing that Google made this change to pump up click-through rates and get a little extra cash in this recession of ours. I’d be really interested to see what kind of user research and analytics went into this decision. We all know how intensely methodical Google is about making changes to their interfaces, so they probably had a really good reason to do this.”

    Any reasons – anyone???

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