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Google is here with another product for the internet user. They are entering the Web Browser arena with their upcoming browser, Google Chrome, whose Beta version is launching at any moment today.

Certainly, Google has pioneered in bringing some really state-of-the-art tools for its users. But, what we need to look forward to is that how much can it succeed in the so-called new and fresh user experience that they are promising to build.

Let us take an insight into some of the major features that Google has talked about in their 38 page comic about the Google Chrome.

  • They want to create a browser addressing the needs of today’s web applications
  • They claim it to be more stable, faster & secure and a clean, simple & efficient user interface(compared to other browsers)
  • Faster JavaScript by making the browser a multi-process application and the JS engine asynchronous & multi-threaded
  • Uses open-source components from Apple’s Webkit & Mozilla Firefox
  • The V8 Team from Denmark has designed a JavaScript Virtual Machine which is to be plugged into the browser
  • The address bar offers search suggestions, top visited pages, popular pages and a history search
  • The default page lists out your nine most visited pages & some of the sites you use to search
  • No popups
  • Sandboxing of each process ensures that malwares cannot access data from the computer

What needs to be noticed is how many users apart frorm techies and geeks can Google reach out to, and how many people stay on with it. If the browser is really something that is going to enhance user experience as much as Google has promised to, it shall sustain. And looking at Google’s past record with new products, this is something that seems very likely to happen.

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  1. Seems to be another attempt to attack Microsoft’s core desktop software business eventually posing a threat to the Windows monopoly itself.

  2. Its interface is simplistic and thats why the browser is pretty fast. But they will need to move quickly on the add ons and plug ins.
    I feel that the browser is too suggestive.–whats your take on that?

    We’ll have to wait and see how much of IE’s marketshare it can eat into.

  3. Any idea when the “google toolbar ” will be available on chrome? How can Google not have its own toolbar on “Chrome”. I suspect that there is more to it than just an oversight.

  4. I have read many articles on google chrome for the past two hours. Could you plz let me know how to deleate the bookmarks from the google chrome. I am not be able to deleate the bookmark list.

  5. Deleting bookmarks from Google Chrome is done the same way as you’ve been doing in Firefox. Right-click on the bookmark you want deleted and click “delete”.

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