Google Updates – Search Quality Changes Announced for March

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Google latest Search Quality meeting has revealed 50 changes that were reported for the month of March. Let’s have a look at some of the important changes:

      One of the most important changes that Google reported was the improvement in the freshness of its database. The same rule has been extended to video results which will help users receive fresh video content while pushing back the stale ones. While previously this rule applied to only news related traffic, the new development ensures the application of this rule for all searches.

    Special characters like “+” and “=” will now appear in search suggest.

    Social networks too have received leverage in the current search quality updates. The recent changes improve comprehensiveness of search results derived from public profile pages from across 200 different social networks.

    If you are worried about missing your favorite sports game while at work, Google has found a solution to keep you updated with the scores. Search results for NHL, UEFA, Russian Hockey League etc. will result in live scores of the games. The same rule will also apply to Tennis searches and will provide users with the score.

    Google searches often resulted in synonyms of the search term which could yield a host of unnecessary results. As per the new change, synonyms will be reduced and search results will become more crisp and relevant for the user. Google has also made changes to the way Anchor Text is processed thereby improving scoring.

    While searching for apps from your mobile or Tablet device you will now receive richer results with enhanced app icons, star rating, download options etc.  The ranking of the apps will depend on the platform of your device for e.g. Android or iOS.

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