How Google Plus Can Change Your Marketing Strategy

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With the launch of Google+, the search giant has been taking several steps in order to provide more effective search results. They recently launched “Search Plus Your World” or, in simple terms, Social Search. With this launch Google + pages for brands have become even more relevant. This is a clear indication that you should include Google + in the social media marketing strategy for your brand if you haven’t already done so.

When a user logs into his Google+ profile and executes a Google search, he is presented with a set of personalized results that are social in nature. The personal results are depicted with a blue icon. The entire purpose behind this is to completely personalize the search results that are received by a user. In order for a brand to get better recognition it is important to build their Circles and enhance interaction with the consumers.

To be included in a circle it is very important for your brand to have an enhanced profile page. Give ample description which will enable you to target only an authentic and relevant audience.

Any good search engine marketing strategy thrives on quality content. The same holds true even in the social sphere. For Google+ to be of optimum value to your brand it is crucial to generate and share high quality content that will attract attention and will enhance the users’ experience.

However, the only drawback lies in the fact that Google’s Secure Search limits the access to the search data that a brand can view. This may limit your dependence on search results as a method of analyzing the organic data.

Social search has proved yet again that social media is an important avenue that brands cannot afford to ignore.

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