Look Who’s A Teenager! Happy 13th Bday To Google

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By the age of 13, ‘Google’ has become a generic term for finding information. Want information about a particular topic? Just go ‘Google’ it! Here are some of my favorite Google Doodles in the past 13 yrs:

1998: (Google’s very first Doodle)

1998 - First Doodle

1999: (Holiday Greetings the Google way!)


2000: (Celebrating Olympics)

2000 olympics

2001: (Merry Christmas)

2001 christmas

2002: (Tribute to the Dilbert Comic series)

2002 dilbert series

2003: (Michelangelo’s Birthday)

2003 michealangelo's bday

2004: (Launch of the Mars Rover)

2004 - Mars Rover

2005: (New Year Wishes)

2005 - Happy new year

2006: (Birthday Wishes for Louis Braille)

2006 - Louis Braille's bday

2007: (Earth Day)

2007 - Earth Day

2008: (50th Anniversary of the Lego Brick)

2008 - 50th Anniversary of Lego Brick

2009: (Birthday Greetings for Dr.Seuss)

2009 - Bday of Dr.Seuss

2010: (30th Anniversary of the Pac-Man game)

2010 - 30th Anniversary of PAc- Man

2011: (75th Bday of Jim Henson)

2011 - 75th Bday of Jim Henson

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