Have You Turned Into a Content Creation Robot?

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Brands are constantly struggling to standout on Social Media and right content is very important to differentiate them from their competitors in order to attract the consumer. As a result, creating effective content is a top priority for marketers today. A well-built content program and execution can increase a brand’s online visibility exponentially.

As we know, the nature of Social media is such that there is a strong desire in every consumer to share something interesting and compelling with their peers.

So what’s our biggest problem?

Churning out the best content keeping the brand message in mind and presenting it in the most creative and correct manner. Also, creating a whole lot of content at one stretch can be hard. We often take one idea and create multiple pieces of content from it to usually make our life easier.

We as content creators are constantly on deadlines. We are expected to give the most amazing and inspirational ideas every day. Even for the simplest of posts, there are several things to be kept in mind. Not only does the content need to be in sync with the campaign but it should also work for the brand. The messaging should be such that there is a strong connect with the audience and of course the creatives used with the post need to be just right! All this followed by the scheduling process and then monitoring the comments and queries.

Now there are two biggest roadblocks that every content creator faces. First one is strict deadlines and the other is loss of creativity. Don’t we always end up being low on inspiration?

This results into some bad content creation habits. Answer these questions to check if you have turned into another boring content creation robot.

  • Are you following a fixed structure while making content? If not, then, follow a theme for your content and a pattern for posting. This will help you to portray your brand as a focused one and not confuse the audience
  • Do you follow a content calendar? This is like your one stop shop for everything. Having a content calendar with all the details helps you to execute your plan correctly. It provides you the opportunity to integrate your plans, strategies and execute in a cohesive manner.
  • Has your focus shifted from ‘Quality’ to ‘Quantity’? This is one of the biggest mistakes done by most content creators today! In haste, we always end up focusing on the number of updates to be posted instead of focusing on the quality of the content
  • Are you listening to what your audience has to say or have you been just talking instead of listening? Often in the whole process of posting content and creating brand awareness online, people forget to listen to what the audience is saying. Does your audience like what you are talking or do they like a post only because you give away vouchers every week?

We discussed the issues but how do we tackle them?

Here are some healthy habits every new marketer should adopt.

  • Be aware – Any social media strategy really comes down to mapping your goals with your target audience, but do remember to pay attention to the trends happening across the web. Read industry news every day and keep a track of the new trends and social media tools. It is always good to read good campaigns and take pointers
  • Networking always helps – Try to network well and build your own social media community. These are the people who could inspire you or help you spread the word
  • The brainstorming sessions – We are talking about getting inspired. Catch hold of colleagues and friends around you. A group discussion to come up with quick set of ideas won’t hurt!
  • Focus on the right platform – Understand your target audience and find out where they are. If you are into a more serious business, LinkedIn could be a better option. You don’t need to dilute your brand by being on every possible social channel. If you run your campaign on multiple channels, make sure you are consistent across the board for ease of execution
  • Curate – It is a good habit to curate content for future use. You will find lots of valuable content on the web. Go ahead and present them creatively to your audience and they will definitely show interest

So don’t forget to fine-tune your current content creation habits and stay inspired!

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