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There is always a content duplication issue which can arise when we syndicate the PDF's present on the clients website to other 3rd party PDF or article syndication sites. In addition to this there is always a fear of content being misused.

To somewhat negate this issue, we can digitally sign the document, to tell the search engines that the articles/PDFs so syndicated are truly written & syndicated by the client itself. This will make the document official and lock the content to prevent any sort of editing or misuse.

Following are the steps:

  • We need a PDF writer like Nitro PDF or Adobe PDF Writer
  • Open the file in Nitro PDF and click on the "Secure & Sign" tab.

  • Click on Certify & you will get the following options.

  • Choose Disallow any changes. This will prevent anyone from editing this pdf once it is digitally signed.
  • Click Next
  • It will give you the options as seen below:

  • You can either opt for showing the certificate on the document itself or hide it.
  • For making a new certificate, click on "New Digital ID". You will see the following screen:

  • Fill in the appropriate details and click next
  • You will then be asked to give a file name for this certificate and a password to it

  • After filing the details, click next.
  • You will then be asked to choose your certificate and then click next

  • It will then ask you the place where you want to put this certificate

  • After selecting the place, the following message will be shown:

  • Click finish
  • It will ask you to save the file with a different name, once it's done voila, there is the digital signature

Disclaimer: Please make sure you have a backup of the PDF file as once signed they cannot be edited again.

Hope this helps.

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