Role Of Keywords In Conversions Part 1

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Different keywords play different roles in Conversion. In the arena of pay per click campaigns, there are two major classifications of PPC keywords – one which comes under the jurisprudence of last click attribution and the other which follows the attribution management.

Though both keywords are categorized as universal PPC expressions, they enjoy different lives in different cities. The difference is just of a degree. For example, you may search for a general term say, laptop or you can be more specific by searching ‘apple notebook’ or ‘MacBook’. Like other general terms, these specific terms also make up the top of a conversion cone.  Often classified as ‘introducers’, these terms constitute the first step of a path leading to purchase. Some terms in the process can also be classified as ‘influencers’, which are the central steps in the PPC campaign management and some as ‘closers’ which is the last and the final step in the path.

When both keywords come on the same platform, they perform evenly. They lead a similar life when seen from the standpoint of PPC campaign management. However, they are valued very differently. While the last click attribution provides a default gateway to a road to sale and success, attribution management values every step involved in the purchase path of the PPC campaign.

Last click attribution in the pay per click campaigns, is often considered as the foremost contributor to sale. However, it is a fallacy. There are several other factors that pave the way for the last click. These include both online and offline factors. These factors are valued more by attribution management.

Attribution Management is a process of recognizing and valuing the whole series of pay per click advertising and marketing program that lead to the sale of the product or its conversion. It values not just the closers, but also the introducers and the influencers thereby making the choice of keywords truly significant. While choosing keywords for your PPC campaign, you have to see if the keyword has the ability to introduce the product and influence people to purchase that product. Therefore, while calculating the attribution management, you also need to calculate the number of times a keyword has played the role of an introducer and an influencer.

In the web marketing world, attribution management is considered as a hero who values all the factors that come in the path of sale, while last click attribution is considered as a criminal who kills the value of the factors that helped him to achieve what he wanted.

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