SEO vs PPC: Conclusion

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Do you spend extra money on your online marketing when you can perform the  same activity at a comparatively lesser cost? If so, then you have to understand the difference between the effectiveness of both the pay per click advertising and search engine optimization. Ideally, you should have clear cut knowledge about both these forms of online marketing and for that you should try and learn the pros and cons of these methods. It is a common notion that pay per click advertising is enemies with search engine optimization; however you will eventually come to know that this does not stand true. You can have good organic rankings by both these methods, however if you are low on budget and want to do the best thing for your business, then the first and the foremost advise would be to go in for SEO. For you it might be difficult to decide what is good for your business and what not. To understand this you have to do away with certain myths

  • If you think that running Google AdWords will only improve your organic search results, then you might need to think again because this is not true. You have to understand that Google Search and AdWords are not connected and are separate, hence does not affect each other’s business.
  • Another myth you have to get rid of is that SEO is expensive. You have to pay for the professional advice, however you need not shell out huge amount of money every month or quarter to get results from the search engines. You can maintain your search results for the long run if you have sought advice from some SEO professional.
  • It is often believed that PPC is easier than running a SEO campaign, however this might not be true always because PPC campaign has to be well thought out or else it will be a sheer waste of money.

You have to be aware of one thing that PPC alone cannot lead to a successful online marketing and has to be run alongside search engine optimization to get the desired results. You can use pay per click advertising campaign along with SEO for

  • New sites
  • Seasonal and last minute offers
  • Highly competitive phrases
  • Testing
  • Targeting a geographic location

For your business, alone PPC cannot work wonders as it is not a preferred approach to online marketing in the business sector. Remember that pay per click advertising and search engine optimization are not at all each other’s opponent, however two are every effective activities for the successful running of the business and for that they must be used side by side.

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