Types of Universal Search Optimization – Part 2

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Every company aims at the best possible search engine marketing so as to get higher ROI with more traffic. Universal Search engine optimization is quite different from the traditional search engine optimization and, therefore, has to be undertaken with great care and responsibility. It is essential for the companies to optimize each and every element of the universal search including image, video, local search, news, blogs, shopping and many more similar things. Once the companies are through with image and video SEO, the other kind of optimizations should also be handled simultaneously.

Local Search Optimization

Whether the business has single location or multiple locations, it is important to optimize the website for local search and this will definitely accelerate the process of search engine optimization. For the companies, it is significant to register the website with local search engines as local searches are vital to the success of search engine marketing. Another way to have an effective search engine optimization is to include a page in the website that offers local information to the users. If companies include information like company’s address, branches and store locations, then it will help in achieving better SEO results. This information will be of great help to all the users and will work for the good of all the search engine marketing practices.

News Optimization

If anything newsworthy about the company is there, then publishing press releases and other related information is a great tool of search engine optimization. When the companies include press releases on the website, it becomes easier to get listed in universal search index. The search followed by real-time search and related news results is highly beneficial for the search engine marketing.  This news optimization will help the companies reach the top spot in the search engine rankings.

Social Media and Blogs Optimization

Adding a flavor of social media in search engine marketing can promise only profits and success. It is crucial for the companies to optimize the content for the popular social media. Most of the social media sites and blogs are indexed in the search engines which include real-time posts from Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. If the companies understand the importance of real-time results in search engine ranking pages, then better SEO strategies can be put in place. The inclusion of social media will be helpful in creating awareness about the brand and this is how universal search is useful in today’s time.

Shopping Optimization

Shopping results are among the most important factors of universal or blended search. Companies should formulate best SEO practices to provide great shopping experience to the users along with relevant keywords and product description.

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