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I have been reading a lot about the impact of Mobile and how it has the power to change the Digital landscape. Along with the ease of use and increased preference to mobile friendly websites, times are changing for the greater good. At some point of time I realized similar to websites can the mobile site and interactions taking place on the site be studied with equal clarity which is possible with tools like Google Analytics. Mobile Apps in recent times have shown a lot of promise in terms of how they can be influential in terms of changing the habits of the users & in a way help the marketers understand what is working for them and on what front they need to improve.

I have tried to highlight the basic tools that can help you extract some actionable insights regarding Mobile Apps that will help you craft better strategies and goal oriented decisions.

Exhaustive Page level data was always available with us by Google Analytics but when we moved a step ahead by bringing the user directly from search results to the indexed app it was important to measure the next step.

Promoting and Measuring the App actions hold key importance for the business to understand what exactly is keeping the user happy and engaged. Mobile App analytics supports this idea. Breakdown the complex process has been explained below that cover the following steps –

Once the mobile app is ready! it needs to be promoted via paid mediums because it is extremely difficult to wait for the user to discover the app themselves the mobile app has to be served to the user in a ‘paid manner’. This is done effectively by ‘AdMob’. The integration of AdMob along with Google Analytics can be done effectively by going through the resources available here.

Google Analytics can be used in AdMob to study and understand the kind of audience needs to be targeted that will help to acquire new users.

Monetize is an important building block for this cycle as in this phase you get to garner the maximum traction be it by banner, interstitial, or video ads seamlessly into your app.

I am pretty sure you must have come across this screen while playing your favorite game or reading a newspaper app. Targeting is extremely important in this stage as this can also lead to lot of drop offs hurting the campaign intent.

Promote Phase pushes the audience things that they might like to opt for with the help of in app purchases. Various Engagement levels can be identified that won’t affect the user experience along with the app.

Attracting new users to your App as any of the marketing services is an uphill task but the advantage that we have when we are dealing online is the fact that we can map & engage the audience better.

The common ways to advertise your mobile apps are –

Mobile App Acquisition reports give us insights such as the download path, information on the kinds of users along with the preferred devices and the OS which was installed on them. Similar to Google Analytics Audience and Behavior Reports are present. One of the key important features that a Marketer has to be aware is the ‘Screens’. Mobile app behavior evaluates the performance of each screen along with the usage statistics for better understanding.

In apps screens are often used as containers that hold interactive content and they change with the use and the content displayed on them.

E.g. Tracking screens give a clear indication of the fact on which screen there is a massive user drop off this alerts us that this level is extremely hard or there is a technical challenge forcing the user to drop off from that point.
At the same time the screen which catches the user’s attention is the best should be considered a perfect fit to host ads. Along with this we can also find out which screen was successful in driving the maximum number of revenue for the app.

Crashes & Exceptions “With a Great App experience comes greater chance for a Technical Glitch”
This report shows the name and a brief description of the top Exceptions, or technical errors, that happen in your app. Crashes are automatically parsed out from other exceptions.

Just like Google Page Speed Insights talk about what needs to be done to make the website more effective in terms of speed, App Speed does play a similar role for the mobile apps.

In cases where the client wants to monetize its app the metrics that need to be the main area of focus change all together. Focus is more on the ‘High Value User’. High value users are the ones who make regular in app purchases to enhance the game/app experience or move to the next level in order to keep moving forward in terms of the game experience. Just like the high value users we even keep track of the Low Value User who play the game but spend any money. Google analytics can help you find out details about where exactly are the High Value Users coming from, how often they use the app the features that they engage with. This information is important when we are trying to focus on the users in terms of ‘value’. Low value users can also be distinguished on similar parameters and then new ways in which this class of users can also be encouraged for in-app purchases. Consider your ‘screen’ from the mobile app to be ‘landing page’ of your website and you will be able to decipher the secrets of success in a better manner. Google Analytics and AdMob have similarities in terms of the data that they provide and the way they describe the success parameters.

Event tracking allows the users to find out which areas on the app screens have been clicked and helped the user convert for the business objectives.

Ecommerce Tracking as we do for the websites which help us to track the sale of products for Mobile App purchases there have to be some in app development changes required in order to find out the correct numbers for the in app e-commerce.

Reengaging the users who have stopped using the app can be made possible by “Loyalty” & “Recency” Reports as they help us to find how frequently and recently the users access the app in a given time frame. A number of ways can be employed in which we can go ahead and tap those users with techniques like emails and retargeting along with push notifications that can help the users take notice of the app again.

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