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Advertisements and Banners convey just a fraction of the message that big brands want their audience to hear. But what if your brand is just in the nascent stages of development. It becomes very hard to keep aside capital for mainstream branding using billboards, TV ads etc. The question you should be asking is “Why to endure decade old techniques when we have much better alternatives and means today!”. Then comes the problem statement  - “How to build my brand with limited resources?”

Well there are many solutions to it; but the jewel in the crown to keep it cost effective and targeted, is the increasingly popular “Digital Medium”. Digital Marketing is a very popular medium that all businesses alike should look at seriously if you want to truly CONNECT with your customers. A pull marketing technique with limitless possibilities and untapped opportunities in the online space.

To keep things simple and straight we shall only focus on how to carve out a reputation for a brand online. World over the number of internet users are increasing by the minute. Thus comes the need to cater to them and provide them all the information they seek with just a click of a button. Search engines like Google and Bing provide paid advertisements on a massive scale, but those are primarily targeted at directly obtaining a customer irrespective of what brand value do you have. It is but obvious that you cannot pay for such paid ads forever. Instead why not slowly and steadily use these platforms to engage the user with your brand. Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube have changed the way brands engage with their customers and are thus creating that vital link of TRUST with the customer. For many years the plain and simple WORD-OF-MOUTH has worked wonders for brands and their products. Many businesses world over still flourish using this simple technique of marketing. But what if there were a way to incorporate this with the latest technologies and bring this same concept to the virtual world. Here comes the importance of PURE CONTENT and how branding cannot be accomplished online without this. Think of content as the soul of Online Branding. CONTENT in the form of News, HOW-TO’s, Reviews, Online Press Releases, e-books, blogs(like this one), educative and informative articles that actually give control in the hands of the user and provide him with analytical and simple data that no salesman or billboard can ever convey effectively; in the process, provide very useful information to a user looking for that specific information. Again content, standalone will not help you. You need to place that content on a relevant and specific platform for it to do its job. Although you can create content and distribute it to every possible platform that you might be aware of but that would purely be a waste of time and effort. True value is gained when you spend that time and effort in locating specific online platforms that will ensure that your hard work is read by the maximum amount of users looking for information related to that topic.

A simple 4 -5 line comment or a reply on a popular online forum by your brand boosts your brand value tremendously as you are not only giving users highly relevant information but also indirectly conveying the message that “Brand X  is out there to help you”, thus slowly becoming an authority in that niche. My critically harsh in the moment but purely awesome boss Rohan, always has stressed in his exact words “Online Branding is the Next Big Thing”. Thinking of it over time you realize that when you have such a vast untapped market out there why not be a part of it.

The value out of working with valuable content online is sure to reap rich benefits in the long term. This also provides added benefits to your brand. Firstly your brand sentiment in the online space is classified as highly positive thus inculcating the sense of TRUST that was mentioned earlier. With this sense of trust backing your brand you have sold your product or service to a potential customer even before marketing a New Product. A very justified example of this would be Apple Computers. The iPad sold more than 3 million pieces in the first day of launching. This was not done overnight. It was the hard and tireless efforts of an entire organization working over many years to build this trust factor in the thoughts of their potential customers. This process over a gradual period of time snowballs into such a priceless asset that you feel ever confident to dream even bigger and push even farther. And if ever you feel that you are stuck somewhere and need more ideas and strategies to take your brand to new heights online, don’t worry, you have Convonix to help you always.

Muzzammil is a part of the ORM (Online Reputation Management) team at Convonix. As a part of his responsibilities at Convonix, he has advocated the principle of reaching out to the user, and educating them, & this has reaped rich dividends for clients. He is also an avid traveller and has visited every state in India. His interests also include reading magazines and photography.

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