Online Branding in India – A Case In Point

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A lot of branding depends on the customer’s ability to remember your brand right in the blink of an eye when they want to buy (or research) about a product you sell. In the Indian market, a lot of it also depends on people remembering your brand and recognizing your brand. In a country where the word of mouth spreads faster than anything else and brand loyalty is becoming a big thing, it makes a lot of sense to be bullish about creating a buzz about your brand!

Digital marketing allows us to create a strong brand presence by selling to customers who are looking to buy right away as well as acquire customers who are planning a purchase at a later stage!

Let’s look at some brands which have changed the ecommerce scenario in India! Flipkart and Jabong are among the front runners. Amazon joined in late with Junglee and you have the usual suspects in eBay, Myntra, Pepperfry, Snapdeal, Fashion&You so on and so forth! A lot of traditional brands have started making their presence felt online! Shoppers Stop, Globus, Westside, Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Levis have all established their presence online.

When you have a Brand that has a strong offline presence as well, some of the following strategies will tremendously leverage their presence online.

  1. Meld the Offline and the Online World

If you are marketing it offline, make sure you are talking about it online. Whether it is by means of an update on social channels or updating your news section, you must sync the information that goes out offline with your online mediums. Jabong recently had a sale where over 20,000 of their products were on discount. They ran simultaneous TV ads while displaying a big banner on their site as well!


  1. Bring it with your News/Press Release Section

A lot of ecommerce websites do not set up a news section. You must! Whether you are store with a new collection of products in or if you are expanding your business, updating a press release on your website is a definite must. Syndicating these on relevant platforms is a definite bonus and it helps increase brand recognition and visibility! Inkfruit has a really good Press Section.


  1. Highlight your USPs

There may be a lot of other sites offering the same product that you do. What sets you apart from them is essential in creating brand recognition. Whether it is free shipping, overnight delivery, better prices, more products, higher discounts, customer loyalty programs; this must be highlighted on the website for better brand recall. Flipkart started off with their ‘we have over 1.5 million books’ as a really prominent USP when they started their site!


  1. Engage your audience

Talk to your audience. Ask them what they love about your brand. Talk to them on your social channels! If you ever visit the Mad Over Donuts’ (MoDs) Twitter Page –, you will see how they are active on the page talking about their products (in this case, yummy donuts), engaging their customers with the trending topics and creating the buzz that is so essential to propel the brand. Another brand that is really active online is Fasttrack. Whether it is promoting deals, or talking to people on Facebook & Twitter, their engagement is strong.


  1. Freebies

Need I say more? People being people, everyone loves freebies! J Freebies act as a really good incentive to acquire a database and build up on users as well. A lot of sites give away gift vouchers in the tune of Rs. 200 – 2000 for users signing up for the first time. Jabong, Myntra, Koolkart, Yebhi all follow this and it is an excellent way to introduce users to your site for the first time!


  1. Newsletters

If you are running an offline ad (print/tv/radio) for any promotional activity on the site (annual sale, spring cleaning, Diwali discounts, etc.) ensure that you send out newsletters to your consumers. The freebies option gives you an instant database of users to target and since most customers do not visit the site on a regular basis, this is really beneficial to keep them updated about the latest schemes and offers. This will ensure that your users feel connected and a lot of people end up buying due to the discount offered! Flipkart, Jabong, Pepperfry, Fashion&You, Junglee they all run an extensive set of Newsletters!


Branding is all about what you make of your brand. The more aggressively you reach out to your customers and engage with them, make them a part of your family, the better it works!

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