Online Reputation Management and Social Monitoring Of Your Brand

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Online brand monitoring is steadily becoming the need of the hour. Most brands make the mistake of considering brand monitoring tools as a waste of resources and ignore the need to constantly keep a check on the brand’s online progress. There are a number of amazing apps that can add tons of value to your brand monitoring efforts:

One of the recent online brand monitoring tools that works well  is IFTTT or simply put, “If This Then That”. Using this site, users can create a “Recipe” that will help them effectively monitor their brand online. If you are beginning to monitor your brand online you need to keep a few points in mind. Use Twitter brand monitoring by mentioning your brand name and get a report of every time your brand is mentioned on the site. Another interesting recipe is one which will help you thank your followers every time they mention your brand name. This will save a lot of time you would otherwise spend on thanking users individually. Using the follow back option you can automatically follow users who follow your brand and thereby build your Twitter profile.

Using Google Alerts you can get timely reports on what content is being presented to the users. This is an apt way to monitor your online content and make any changes in time if necessary.

Once you are aware of any negative mentions regarding your brand it is important to create an effective strategy to create a positive image for your brand. Ignoring a negative mention can backfire and result in even bigger issues that might get difficult to handle. It is important to remember that the best form of marketing happens when the customers are happy with the brand. Make it a point to genuinely solve any grievances in order to foster brand loyalty.

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