Online Branding & Reputation Management – The Reason & Need – Part 1

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The Internet is growing; the number of users using the services offered over the Internet is expanding exponentially fuelled by this massive growth. The new internet communications protocol standard IPv6 will act as a super-conductor for this.

To affirm my above statements, there are currently about 2.2 billion people who have access to the Internet out of our planet’s 6.9 billion population. That is a massive 32 % internet savvy world population. INDIA alone has 121 million netizen’s and this number just keeps on growing. Just imagine the scope of growth out there. WOW!! Isn’t it?


So now that we have demolished most of the FAQ’s regarding “WHY should we as a business or organization cater to Digital?” let’s begin with some intricate details on HOW Branding and Digital Marketing go hand-in-hand.

Going back to the basics, marketing is all about promoting and selling your products or services according to specific needs and requirements. In some cases the need is created. Branding used only for showcasing your presence as part of a marketing strategy is not always enough. We live in an interlinked online eco-system where a customer or in most cases a potential customer has a lot of information available to identify, consider, segment and choose his required product or service. Thus come the term’s consumer-focus marketing, customer-oriented marketing and customer relationship management etc. All this customer interaction used to once happen behind closed doors and in private interactions with the company or brand through their means and ways. Then the company used to apply a relatively simple filter. If feedback is good and positive, promote and showcase, if feedback is negative…try and fix it else IGNORE and then comment “Our business is based on volumes and a few negative outliers are acceptable” – If applicable that is.

Enter the Internet Era – The dawn of the 21st century. What has changed? Well, many things but sticking to the topic on hand; INFORMATION now has a PLATFORM. A platform so powerful that has enabled millions of people to share their viewpoints and ideas, websites have evolved in the past few years that thrive on this information; very much similar to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the core idea remains the same (customer-interaction in our case), the platform changes from offline to online, but with a much larger, smarter and evolved audience. Newspapers and publication journals still to date have some bit of ambiguity or maybe carry just a few folks’ opinions and perspectives. The internet enables users to provide their perspective on those very same articles + also provide honest and un-biased opinions for other netizen’s to take note of and decide their outlook on a particular topic, product or service. This kind of heavy bandwidth customer-customer interaction about a brand and its identity is open for everyone to see.

We need to take note that a brand’s IDENTITY prima facie partly defines the sales of its product or services. In return the quality of that product or service defines the value growth of that brand. If an online user or customer doing his research on “WHAT to Choose?” inherently decides on your product looking at your brand recognition and then stumbles upon INFORMATION that gives a negative outlook towards his choice, that very FIRST CHOICE becomes a NEGATIVE”ON SECOND THOUGHTS.LET ME EXPLORE MORE OPTIONS”

Q: What can we do to avoid this to an extent?
A: Ideally, to keep things simple we have divided this into three main sections. More on this in our next blog post. STAY TUNED!

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