The Best Approach to Build Online Reputation in 2013

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A New Year would generally mean a new beginning for any marketing team of a brand/company coming forth with renewed vigour to take forward the larger vision. But as marketers, we all are acutely aware that “reputation”, like Rome, would not be built in a day. It will take years of perseverance & dedication by smallest of the stake holders to build & maintain a company’s image.

As we usher in the New Year, the marketers’ focus would be on building, maintaining as well as sustaining brand’s reputation online which in-turn will affect the company, the brand & all its connected individuals. Following aspects would interest and affect all marketers in 2013, from an ORM standpoint.

Customer Communication & Importance of Social Presence

We live in a world, where internet usage is growing by leaps & bounds. Statistically speaking, the total number of internet users at the end of Dec 2012 was 2.3 billion; out of which 71% are present on at-least one social platform. It therefore becomes imperative for B2C as well as B2B brands to be present everywhere and reach out to their existing & potential customers. Managing, Monitoring & Engaging – i.e. building relationships with consumers over social platform, stands to gain more importance in a brand’s consumer outreach strategy. The aim here will still remain traditional – to provide a platform for a customer to communicate with the brand with least possible effort & benefit by the immediate response & action. From a reputation perspective, you don’t let negativity spread to random platforms on the internet, which could come back one day to haunt you.

‘Do Good’ Marketing Strategies

It’s time one needs to understand the importance of online goodwill. Reputation today is not about just creating a good looking website & an active Facebook or Twitter profile, but more about creating an overall positive perception in general, across the web. Unfortunately, there’s no quick way to do this! Here comes the importance of ‘Good Marketing’. Every marketing campaign that one initiates should change the focus from ‘I’ as in brand-based communication to ‘us’ as in people-based communication. All campaigns should be the ambassadors of making a positive difference to the life of the customer and then the brand. To effectively build a strong & lasting sense of good-will, let the marketing motto be ‘Do Good’ in the New Year.

Transparent Approach to Marketing

Building a credible reputation online and forming real and lasting relationships with people, pays off in substantial ways when you find yourself the centre of negative online attention. This could be easily achieved by taking an overall transparent approach at the strategic as well as the implementation level. As a brand manager, always remember these fundamental stepping stones in building one’s image in online space – Accept true and uncensored reviews; Provide non-exaggerated information; Always be specific & accurate while representing your offerings online;  and the most important element ‘Always answer questions and concerns honestly and openly with FAQs or other documents’.

As of today, Online Reputation has become an increasingly important asset of any businesses – albeit an intangible one. The better you can build the image, more will be the opportunities that come your way. While the concept of image building is ever-evolving, its primary purpose is to balance the objectives of an organization with people’s expectations. It does this by building a trustworthy relationship with consumers. So make online reputation management your top priority this year.

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