Ad Impressions Drive more Business than Clicks

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If you want to achieve greater success in search engine marketing, then you have to take into the PPC aspect which will give a new boost to your website. You must be aware of last-click attribution strategy in PPC which was supposed to be the best way to improve sales and enhance traffic to your website, however now you will hear something different. For your SEO benefit, the new attribution strategy which is in is no-click attribution analysis. Now you must be wondering what is this but according to iProspects, this is going to be the next big thing in the world of search engine marketing. iProspects conducted a market study on the digital media channels and this time it studied about online display ad impressions, search impressions and paid search impressions which will help you get higher SEO success. This survey spanned five industrial verticals including hotels, retail, software, insurance and banking or financial services.

So, if you want to get more benefits from your PPC campaign, then according to this study, you have to focus more on Ad Impression rather than on the last click. Your brand recognition will see another high if you talk more about ad impressions. So, even when your users don’t click on your PPC ad, you will see higher sales with ad impressions which will further strengthen your search engine marketing. If your online ad is seen by the visitors, then the chances of visiting your website by the users will definitely increase. The study was conducted to know the results in four different areas of SEO including likelihood to visit a website, brand trust, likelihood to make a purchase and brand favorability. Some of the findings of this SEO research show that PPC with ad impressions has huge impact on brand favorability which is around 28 per cent individually and 40 percent along with organic search.

If you want best from your audience in terms of brand trust, then you must know that with the help of PPC ad impressions, you will get 50 per cent more trust than the usually one. If you are into retail sector, then with this PPC ad, your brand will get five times more lift in terms of the likelihood of the visitor to visit your website. Talking about the software business, you will experience 37 percent chances of user visiting your website and 30 per cent chances of purchasing that product. For your effective search engine marketing, you have to focus a lot of ad impressions and after all these findings, it has been proved.

All you need to understand is that every market behaves differently in different situations and it depends on your PPC success, that whether you will get that brand recognition and purchase favorability or not.

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