Adding Vitality to your PPC Campaign

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One of the key aspects of SEM is that it is constantly evolving at lightning speed. Due to this dynamic element, it is not possible to have a campaign on autopilot. Effective PPC campaign management can happen with constant monitoring and ongoing refinement. Here are some common errors that can arise from unmanaged PPC campaigns:

Analyzing your raw searches will help you realize which keywords are triggering your ads. Often, it may happen that your ads get triggered by keywords that have absolutely no value to you. These keywords can then be added to your negatives so that your ads do not get triggered by them. This will improve relevancy, higher click-through rate, better Quality score and lower cost per click (CPC).

While conducting raw search you will also come across keywords that are valuable for your brand but are not being targeted. This will help you weed out the negatives and add valuable keywords to your campaign.

Mobile and Tablet traffic is very important to your campaign. By leaving the campaign on autopilot you could miss out on this traffic.

Unless you actively manage your accounts you could miss out on important seasonal impact on demand, CPC’s, budget etc. By understanding seasonal demand you could allocate the right kind of budget to the campaign and make the most of this demand.

While running display networks campaign you will observe the various websites where your ads are present. This will help you filter the websites and keep your ads running only on the relevant websites.

By leaving a campaign on Autopilot you will miss out on ads of products that are outdated or no longer in stock. This will result in a 404 error and risk your brand name being tarnished. PPC tracking will help you spot the errors in your campaign and take better decisions that will help improve the performance of your campaign.

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