Analyzing Adwords Search Funnels for Pay Per Click Campaigns Part 1

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If you want effective PPC campaign management, then you must understand the concept of search funnel. Ideally, you must understand the concept of search funnel before applying it for your pay per click advertising campaigns. For your PPC benefit, it is important to use search funnel which is a set of reports in Google AdWords which allows you to analyze the ad impression and the click behavior of your users for your pay per click campaigns. You can figure out all the touch points that led to the final conversion through search funnels which is important for your PPC campaign management. When you know what finally has lead to the sales, then you can actually enhance your Google AdWords account by making it more relevant for your pay per click success. If you include search funnel feature in your PPC campaign management, then you can easily grow your AdWords account which will further help you derive the most from your PPC efforts. When you use search funnel under your PPC campaign management, then you can be sure of knowing the reasons behind the click of your pay per click ad that has led to the final sales.

Your idea of using search funnels to judge the performance of your pay per click advertisements will always benefit you in getting the desired PPC results. As a smart PPC expert, you must know that only fewer conversions are driven by juts one click and therefore, you need to know all the touch points that lead to final conversion of your PPC ads. If you want to get the desired results from your PPC campaign management, then you should know the exact location of your search funnel reports in the AdWords interface. When you log on to AdWords, you can find search funnel section under reporting tab. Before beginning the analysis of your data, you must define your data which you want to access. You must understand the various types of clicks on your pay per click advertisements. When your PPC ad is clicked for the very first time, then it is known as first click and the last click before the conversion is called the last click.

If you want your PPC campaign management to be effective, then you must know about all the clicks which can help you grow your AdWords account. When your user clicks on the pay per click ad before the last click, then it is termed as assist click. For your PPC benefit, you must take care of certain things including the fact that the number of conversion in your AdWords account differ from search funnels.

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