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The trend continues, whatever Google does, Bing follows. The latest in this long line of ‘inspiration’ is the Quality Score. For years, Google has assigned a score to our keywords based on the relevance of the term to the ad and the landing page. Now, almost belatedly, Bing has joined the bandwagon. Let’s take a look what Bing calls its Quality Score and do a quick comparison with Google.


“Your quality score indicates the competitiveness of your campaigns in the overall marketplace. Adcenter provides a quality score for each of your keywords to help you understand the relevance of your keywords to search users’ queries and the degree to which your ads are eligible to be displayed in response to these queries.”

Sounds similar? It so is. Google gives importance to keyword – ad – landing page relevance & CTR. Bing assigns a sub QS to the following:

  • Keyword relevance (ranked by Bing as good, no problem, or poor)
  • Landing page relevance (no problem, poor)
  • Landing page user experience (no problem, poor)

These are taken into consideration when the final QS is assigned to a keyword. The main difference is that Bing’s QS is used to simply show you the competitiveness of your campaigns in the marketplace. Their influence on the ad rank is not said to be direct.

The essence of a QS is to help improve the relevance of the keyword/ad/site to the users search query and that is the main basis of both these engines assigning these values, Bing, for the moment seems to only show you where your lacking in comparison to your contemporaries, while Google’s clear on one thing, QS affects the amount of money you spend.

For the moment, I haven’t seen a lot of changes in account performance due to this feature. But then, it’s still very raw, a few weeks should be enough for us to know if managing accounts on Bing is going to be simpler.

With the QS front covered, what’s next for Bing? Image ads were once spoken of but it seems they’ve forgotten about it. Remarketing? Click to Call ads? The way Google is progressing, Bing is always going to play catch up, this might have been a little step in the right direction, but there is a long way to go before Bing can classify itself as being part of the same league as Google, in Paid Search.

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  1. I am really surprised because i never expected this from Bing. But there is one fact that Bing is trying hard to stay in competition with Google.

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