Brand Keywords: Whats in a Name?

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“What’s in a name?” said Shakespeare in Macbeth. I don’t blame him. He lived in the era before the advent of Internet Marketing. Ask an internet marketer today, “What’s in a name?” and he’ll say “EVERYTHING!”

While structuring PPC accounts and concentrating all our efforts into including product related keywords, we often forget to include keywords related to the client’s brand name. So what? We’ve included all the important keywords, haven’t we? Or so we believe!

Brand keywords play a very major role as revenue drivers for the client. Your brand keywords may just end up being the lowest cost, highest ROAS keywords for you. There are several clients who come up with “Why should I waste precious advertising spend on brand keywords when I already rank high for them organically?” It’s a legitimate concern for someone who is emptying his pocket to pay for each click. But as a PPC marketer, you need to tell him how important it is.

Bidding on brand terms will help you ensure high visibility for anyone searching for your brand. If you are ranking high on organic, it will also help to double your brand visibility. There is a higher chance of bringing users to your website if there are two instances of your brand staring them in the face on the Search Engine Results Page.Your brand keywords could very well be your lowest CPC keywords as there will not be too much competition on these terms. This will ensure that you have an excellent ROAS on all your brand terms. Totally worth it, right?

Another very important factor to consider is that a competitor may be bidding on your brand term. There’s nothing that you can possibly do to stop them from bidding on your brand terms. In this case, what will happen is, someone enters your brand name as a search query and your competitor’s ad shows up above your organic listing. The first thing to catch your loyal customer’s eye is the competitor’s ad with an irresistible sale (SALE SALE SALE…. How Exciting!!!). Obviously your organic listing, being drab as it is, won’t be able to beat that and the person clicks on your competitor’s ad. You have just lost a valued customer who was not just looking for your products, but for your brand itself by not having as exciting a listing as your competitor’s PPC ad copy. If only you’d bid on your brand name and had as awesome an ad showing to your user. Sigh!

The SiteLink extensions that allow us to provide 4 more links to search engine users below our ad copies, would also be of significant importance. An ad that shows up on your brand term could contain 4 links displaying the variety of products that you offer on your website.

Are these not reasons enough to start including your brand terms not only in all your existing campaigns but also in any new campaigns that you structure?

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