Creating a Call to Action for your PPC Campaigns Part 2

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Creating urgency with digital product

There are a number of ways that can help you generate quick response for your online business that deals with digital products. You can either limit the timeframe for which the profit will be available or you can limit the number of profits to the first few buyers. Just tell them what they’ll lose if they do not purchase the product immediately. Remind them of the insecurity and problems that they’ll face without the product.

Good and detailed testimonials can also help in creating urgency in your PPC campaigns. These testimonials remind the buyer of how relieved or happy he’ll feel after using the product. When the potential customer reads the testimonials that show realistic results, they start imagining themselves getting the same results. Testimonials like ‘The product is simply amazing! I lost 10 kgs in just 15 days!’ create a sense of urgency in the minds of buyers and they buy the product immediately.

Providing customers with different urgency offers can also help in the brand building process and can deliver better search engine marketing results. This makes it important for you to experiment with different urgency offers to see which gets the highest response. If you create an offer that is available only for the next 24 hours, then you need to position it in a way that intimates the user when time is up. It will be better if you notify when the offer returns by mailing people who missed out the opportunity. This will enable you to add the element of urgency in your PPC campaign management and create a call to action.

Analyzing PPC strategies that worked for you in the past

Take time to analyze those pay per click strategies that worked for your PPC campaigns in the past. Also make a list of those strategies that didn’t work at all. This will give you a clear picture of where to go and which road to take to have an effective PPC campaign management and better search engine marketing results.

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