Hold Your Visitors by Reducing Your Site’s Loading Time – Pt2

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If you want to make your PPC campaign management a success, then you need to know more about your website. For you, it is essential to figure out whether your site is actually slow or not. You can check the quality score of your webpages through AdWords’ Keyword Analysis field. Since your use of landing page optimization defines your search engine rankings, therefore, it plays a crucial role for the visibility of your website. You might need to speed up your website but this has to be done carefully because your pay per click campaign is expensive and you cannot afford to waste your resources by modifying your website.

When you do Keyword Analysis, you will get to know the quality score of your website and also the problem areas, if there are any. Now, after this you know how to improve your PPC campaign management so as to ensure quick loading of your webpages. But you should think from the visitors’ perspective also and make use of Google Webmaster Tools to figure out the average loading time of your website’s pages. This will help you to undertake effective landing page optimization which will further boost your pay per click campaign. When you log on to the Webmaster Tools by Google, you can find answers to many questions like your site’s loading time and crawl status on Google.

If you want to know more about your internet traffic and the choked bandwidth of your website, then as part of landing page optimization, you can use Charles which is a web debugging proxy app. You can ensure better PPC results if your site downloads fast at the visitor’s end and for this you can fasten your slower internet connection. Now, when you got to know that your website takes lot of time to download, so your first step as part of landing page optimization should be to reduce the HTTP requests on your website. Your main aim is to do away with the extra stuff on your website which will also help you in realizing your pay per click goals.

Your PPC success is in your hands and by reducing the image size, you can make your website light which can be easily downloaded at the user’s end. Your website might need an effective landing page optimization so as to strengthen your PPC campaign management and you can achieve this by keeping your content simple. If you are looking for something more, then you can also try your hands at the Yahoo Developer Network which is also a great tool to reduce the loading time of your webpages.

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