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If you haven’t given Mobile Advertising a serious thought yet, you’re missing the boat!! With the tremendous increase in the number of Smartphone, Android and iPhone users across the globe, mobile phones with internet accessibility have become the prime source of information for people on the go.

Mobile advertising can be an extremely profitable part of an integrated Internet Marketing or Pay Per Click advertising campaign as Mobile has been called the world’s fastest growing ad medium. I have put together 4 of the hottest platforms in this post in no specific order:

1. Google AdWords for Mobile

Google Adwords

Just starting with PPC? AdWords is a logical place to start. With mobile ads integrated into its regular search and content campaign management, AdWords proves to be a stepping stone for mobile advertisers. To enable ads on mobile devices, just select the settings in Google AdWords as shown below:

Adwords Settings

Google offers you the options of text, display, and even rich media ads. You can place your ads across mobile search pages, mobile websites, mobile applications, and YouTube mobile. As shown in the image above you can target your ads either to high-end devices (like Android and the iPhone) or all mobile phones. Google AdWords allows location targeting which can be used in mobile advertising optimally by targeting the message according to location and automatically showing your customers relevant local store information.

Just as with Search & Display Network campaigns, the ground rule is to separate your mobile campaigns from your regular search campaigns.

2. Admob


Admob is one of the world’s largest mobile advertising platforms and claims to serve more than 40 billion mobile banner and text ads per month across mobile Web sites and handset applications.

Admob has been serving mobile ads since 2006. They offer advertising solutions for many mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, webOS, Flash Lite, and all standard mobile web browsers but specialize in iPhone and Android ads in particular

The firm’s platform enables advertisers to target users by geography, demographic, manufacturer or other factors. Take a look at Admob’s Mobile Analytics:


In November 2009 AdMob was acquired by Google.

This should be on your top 3 list if you are thinking of jumping onto the Mobile Advertising bandwagon.

3. Yahoo Mobile Advertising:

Yahoo Mobile Services

Yahoo! also has mobile advertising but unlike Google, it requires a separate application to enroll and not Yahoo! Search Marketing.  Yahoo! being a large player in the mobile advertising arena, this proves to be an ideal start for many amateur mobile advertisers.

Advertisers can also buy rich media ads on Yahoo!7′s mobile advertising platform. You can include video, galleries, maps and interactive forms into Yahoo!7 mobile ad campaigns as well. This allows advertisers without a mobile site to interact and obtain user’s details by their interaction with the ad. Isn’t that great!!??


4. MSN Mobile Advertising

MSN Mobile

MSN Mobile gives you the opportunity to use both, their Search as well as display advertising platforms. Their ad platform serves banner ads next to their ‘premium content’ like MSNBC News, MSN Entertainment, MSN Money, MSN Weather, FOX Sports, etc. and also serves ads on Windows Live Mobile search. MSN mobile search ad solution leverages the search partnership with Bing and Yahoo! and provides advertisers a competitive choice to reach an extensive audience of 28 million unique mobile searchers each month, all through their unified search marketplace. This can be a pretty good place to throw your own ads.


Mobile advertising is growing at an alarming rate. Make the most of this highly captivating advertising opportunity and meet your customers where they are most engaged. Most of these ad platforms also offer the click to call option in mobile advertising. With the plethora of mobile ad platforms available today, it is very easy to initiate your mobile advertising campaign. However, since most of the people reading this post may be first timers in mobile advertising, start with a limited budget and based on the ROI earned and mobile analytics, make changes in your mobile PPC strategies.

Now that you are illuminated about some of the leading Mobile Ad Platforms, I am sure you would want to dirty your hands at it. So which Mobile Ad Platform will you opt for?

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