How Google Analytics Data Helps You in your PPC Campaign

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The basic criteria for setting up a goal of a search engine marketing – PPC campaign, is that it has to facilitate measurability. The principle of ‘Measurement’ plays a pivotal role in assessing the efficacy of any campaign.  While carrying out a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign  Google Analytics, with its web analytics data, can come in handy, & can enable appropriate valuation of your campaign with respect to ROI (Return on Investment) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

The following presentation will help you use Google Analytics, in your PPC campaign. It details metrics & dimensions that GA provides, which are not available in the Google Adwords interface, and how it can be utilized by a PPC management team.

By linking your Adwords Account to your Google Analytic Account and setting up your dashboard in a way that it displays data in a detailed manner, Google Analytics can be leveraged in an amazing fashion, to increase RoIs for your campaigns.

This is the first in a series of insights that we will share on this platform, so that webmasters can benefit from it.

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