How To Build An Effective PPC Campaign Part3

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  • Progressing on your goals

Building an effective PPC campaign becomes easier if you learn to make a progress on your goals and start comparing the two. A pacing report can help you get started. The first thing that you need to do is to set your targets. Once you have done that, review your performance after a certain period of time, say, a week. Evaluate your performance for the week keeping in mind the goals that you had set for the same week. The next step involves projecting the expected performance for the time period which may be a month. This can be done by taking the average of daily results and then multiplying it by the remaining number of days in that month.  For example, if the average for your daily results comes out as 15 leads and $300 spend and say, 7 days are left in the month, then you can multiply 15 and $300 with 7 and this way you can project your month’s performance.

Pacing reports prove to be the best option when the results are to be projected at summary levels. However, these reports do not work well for those PPC managers who have segmented targets.

If your business has a good account history, then you can set your goals at campaign stage. You may even use a bullet graph for a better analysis. This way, you can scan and locate underperformers in your Pay per click program.

  • External benchmarks

Everyone wants to know about the conversion rates that other participants in the field are using. There are several tools that can help you get the information about the keywords, CPCs etc used by your competitors. These tools generally work on the fundamentals of panel-based research or can even be used by scraping search engine result pages.

  • Compete Search Analytics is one such tool that provides an accessible alternative for looking at keywords traffic that your competitors are using.
  • The Search Monitor can also help as it offers competitive intelligence, particularly affiliate monitoring. This enables you to get acquainted to our competitor’s strategies.
  • AdGooRoo is another instrument that comprises of both Pay per Click and non Pay per Click tools. Agencies who want to make good money out of search engine marketing process use this tool to know more about the strategies of their peer group.

Using of all the above mentioned techniques is not important for an effective PPC campaign management. However, using any of them can help get an edge over your competitors.

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