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Image search Ads? As the name implies these are image ads which run on Google image search only and are not associated with the image ads that run on Google display network. Google’s image search ads were launched in July 2010 for countries like USA & UK.

So, why should we use image search ads? Well, you have many reasons. Every week, millions of users use Image search to find photos and images. To be precise with numbers, Google image search does over a billion page views per day. This allows you to reach hundreds of millions of users who are searching on Google on a daily basis. Having your ads show on these result page will surely give you a boost in impressions, click-through rates & brand awareness. Another significant reason is that it is an untapped opportunity which means, HARDLY ANYONE IS USING THEM! Even though Image search ads have been around for a year now, I hardly ever see a Google Image Search Ad when I’m browsing through Google Images.

Image Search Ads complement your search campaigns by reaching users who are in the initial stages of the buying cycle and hence it’s a great way to capture the attention of users who are researching your products. Further, in the initial stages of the buying cycle the user would be keener in the images of the products he/she is looking out for and targeting such potential customers could lead to an increase in the brand awareness. A prime reason for using these ads could be a major improvement in the click through rates, as these search ads are more noticeable than the standard text ads on search network.

Let’s take an example of a user who is searching for shoes on Google image search but is not sure about the exact color or style he or she would like to have. Showing ads for such specific keywords for the image searches could give an advertiser the opportunity to get business where other competitors are not advertising. A potential customer might get interested in your brand of shoes by noticing the ad which shows up at the top on the results page which will again increase your chances of conversions since images would do a better job enticing users.

Image search Ads

You can create image search ads by using Google Display Ad Builder & by clicking image search link in Display Ad Builder you can simply upload your images and text Ads. For testing purpose, I would suggest creating a specific campaign for these ads which helps us to allocate a separate suitable budget to it.

As search marketers, we keep on experimenting with our accounts in order to improve the ROI for our clients, so why not grab this unexplored feature of search engine marketing? Since “a picture speaks a thousand words“, we should test this feature along with our other usual PPC strategies. Although conventionally, I think these types of ads would mostly be useful for E-commerce websites which have good quality images of their products; we could also test the same for lead based websites hosting high-end products/services. I hope that this would be successful in bringing in a much needed innovation to our standard PPC strategies. Amen!

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