Learn How to Create High-Converting Landing Pages- Part 4

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Once you have placed call to action through your pay per click ads on the landing pages, you have to make sure that as part of your SEO plan, you must include paid keyword several times in your landing pages which will lead to well optimized pages under your search engine marketing efforts. As a smart SEO expert, it is important for you to include the keywords in a manner that it cannot be skipped by your readers because if it is missed, it will affect your PPC campaign management and search engine optimization results. Your landing pages must offer your readers what they require and for this your SEO plan must include the repetition of keywords even in the HTML pages. Your PPC ad must be visible on Google AdWords and for this use of repeated keywords will be beneficial for your search engine marketing. If you will feature single product in your pay per click ads, it will lead to better conversion through your landing pages. Your website must get good quality score and this can only be possible through high converting landing pages. If your user is searching for a particular laptop, then your PPC ad should not confuse him with other products of the same category. Ideally, you should try and narrow down your search because it will lead to higher SEO and results.

If your website has right landing page, then your search engine marketing will be successful but if you have designed a wrong landing page, it might prove fatal for your website, PPC campaign management and search engine optimization. Through your landing pages, readers should actually get what they want and this will define the success of your pay per click and SEO efforts. Your website must include product- specific landing pages so as to get more conversions for your pay per click advertisements. If you want good quality score for your website, then you have get more clicks on your PPC ad campaign and for this you must design a dynamic and product specific landing page.

You can also try out the new concept of theme pages under your PPC campaign management but you have to be careful with this because you might witness less conversion in this method as compared to your single product landing page. As part of your SEO plan, you must focus on single product approach first and if you want to try something extra, only then you should use theme pages because it will affect the conversion of your PPC advertisements. You should offer specific searches to your readers and if you offer them prominent things first, it will help you generate great profits from your PPC campaign management. You should focus on learning the techniques of landing page optimization rather than any other change.

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