Learn How to Improve PPC Performance Using Google Conversion Optimizer Part2

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Conversion Optimizer can help reap benefits of pay per click program in the following circumstances:

When the number of searches for PPC exceed the budget set by advertisers

According to PPC experts, one should not stress more on the budget. If you think you will get a good rate for each conversion that you do from PPC, then you should go for it even if it requires spending more than your budgeted amount. However, this doesn’t have a one-size-fit-all approach. It doesn’t work well for businesses that have a fixed budget and can’t really deviate from there. These include government agencies, traditional advertisers, etc.

However, if you have a low budget and you want to generate more conversions through a better PPC campaign management, then what is required is that you show your advertisements in the searches that are more likely to convert. This way, you will receive greater number of conversions per impression improving the conversion rates by more than 30 percent and that too without increasing your budget.

When you want to improve your search engine marketing targets by inflating your PPC campaign

With a vast improvement in the quality and quantity of web traffic, the content network has become an idyllic place for the advertisers to reap more returns. Matching with the search items automatically is challenging but if Conversion Optimizer is provided sufficient data, it can help solve these problems.

When you want to significantly reduce the time for Account and Bid Management

Everyone in the industry has a limited amount of time to manage accounts. Even the most experienced PPC managers face the same problem. Perhaps, using an automated technology for managing bids also can’t help you achieve your projected targets. Clutching a high return of investment (ROI) from every campaign is a tricky task. A Conversion Optimizer can help you do that only if you have sufficient data. It can actually clutch a very high ROI from your pay per click advertisement campaign without making you spend extra time managing the ads and accounts.

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