Learn to Identify URL Tagging and Tracking Problems for your PPC Campaign

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Different business owners use different tracking systems to track and monitor the profit margins of their pay per click  program. Performance tracking is important for pay per click campaign management. There are primarily three types of problems that you can face with tracking 3rd party campaigns, namely, tracking parameter order, 301 redirects, and the URL structure. Let us discuss them one by one.
While tagging URLs, checking the order of the tracking parameters is very important. If the parameters appear to be in the wrong order, you will not be able to track the performance of your pay per click campaign. Remember, the &UTM URL tagging must remain before any other additional parameters of tracking. Therefore, check carefully and reorder your tracking URLs.
301 redirects can cause great problems in the way of URL tracking and divide your pay per click traffic into two categories, direct and organic. The gclid tracking code for Adwords and the tracking parameter &utm=source is also included in this. You must test gclid and type in the destination URL in the browser with an appended end like this “www.sample.com/?gclid=test” to find out whether there is an issue of 301 redirects. To get rid of this problem, you need to get your server configured in a way that passes the gclid as well as all the other parameters of tracking.
The appropriate URL structure is crucial to track 3rd party campaigns in Google Analytics. Without proper structuring and formatting, Google Analytics does not record traffic in the right manner. check your &utm=source parameters carefully to ensure that everything is appropriate and go through the troubleshooting tips while tracking 3rd party pay per click campaigns. You can also take the help of a pay per click consultant to help you with PPC campaign management.

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