Managing PPC Campaigns For the Client While On the Move – Part 3

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It has been usually observed that clients are on the move for various business purposes and managing search engine marketing all the time is a great challenge for the marketers. If the pay per click advertising campaign is not properly managed, then it is almost impossible to expect the desired results from it. Clients trust the professionalism of managers and it is the duty of the managers to keep the client updated with every latest information related to PPC campaign management.  It is important for the managers to keep track of certain changes in the PPC campaigns and inform the client as soon as possible so that those changes can be easily incorporated in the pay per click advertisements. In order to have effective search engine marketing, it is extremely important to closely monitor all the pay per click advertisements on the website.

Importance of Alerts

It is important for the managers to set up alerts to monitor the PPC advertising campaign. Receiving alerts will benefit both the client and the manager and this will further help in getting the best out of search engine marketing. There are different types of alerts including the very useful and popular Google Alerts which are of further two kinds such as account alerts and custom alerts. The companies can also seek help from Microsoft adCenter Alerts which will allow the client to customize alerts that will track the performance of pay per click campaigns. Using Yahoo Search Marketing Alerts will help the managers receive alerts at the account level.


In order to protect the PPC campaign of the client, it is essential to take help of third party solutions that allow the mangers to automate daily maintenance of pay per click advertisements along with regular monitoring. Following are some of the excellent third party solutions which can enhance the performance of search engine marketing.

  • Clickable
  • Marin Software
  • Kenshoo
  • Click Equations
  • Search Force
  • Acquisio

If the designated manager is not around, then it is important to appoint some other manager to manage the pay per click operations. Apart from budget discipline, setting up of e-mail alerts is great for the PPC campaign management. Lack of monitoring and the absence of the manager can be disastrous for any search engine marketing and PPC campaign. If the client and the manager keep in touch with each other through proper communication channels, then the success of pay per click campaign and search engine marketing can be ensured. The clients need to understand the importance of managing PPC campaigns while on the move.

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