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It is common knowledge that the Almighty Google keeps on testing new ad formats. It conducts little experiments and plays around with your headlines, display URLs, etc. etc. to determine what might benefit an advertiser most! Recently Google added another such member to their ad family. Behold the great Media Ads.

It might not sound that appealing but it might just add a lot to your relevant traffic. I would like to cite the example of one of my Pay Per Click clients, who offers a medical product. Needless to say it focuses to cater to a niche market, & battles huge competition. I have to be on top of my game to ensure that my ads get my client the best there is to offer. So when I heard about Google launching Media Ads I was over the moon!! Later, I realized my happiness is short lived but I’ll come to that later.

What exactly are Media Ads you ask? Well, media ads are a combination of video ads & text ads. I know it’s not the best definition in the world but I’ll explain further. Media ads are an amalgamation of search & display ads. So basically it is a video ad, attached with the text ad, displayed on Search Network. It looks a lot like how YouTube links look on organic result. Here is a sample:

Pay Per Click Ads

You ask what is so great about another video ad?? The answer is that this doesn’t just include a video player in your ad (like Video Extension, which uses an in-line video player), but it has a standalone format, which displays the video in a new ‘Lightbox’ media player. So, when the video is played by a user, by clicking on the thumbnail or by the ‘watch’ link, the video will be played by the Lightbox media player, in the CENTER of the screen while blurring the remaining page; something like this:

Fung Fu Panda PPC Ad

As Google says in its blog post, the entire viewing experience is meant to draw the viewer’s attention to the video in a more visually appealing experience.

The thing that sets apart Media Ad is its non-traditional way of targeting. Unlike a Search campaign, you don’t get to select keywords, i.e., targeting is completely automated similar to automatic placements on Display network.

How does it work? When someone enters a search query which by Google’s algorithm is relevant to your movie title (basically the movie title or its permutation combinations), your ads will be automatically displayed at the top of the search result page. According to Google research, when someone searches for a movie title on they are generally searching for trailers ( :O I am generally looking for show timings), & hence Media Ads will showcase what the user is searching for.

Now, the other thing different & exclusive about Media Ads is its pricing model. There is no CPC model for it and you don’t enter a bid or an auction (since, there are no keywords). Clicks on these ads are charged at a flat rate.

So, why is my happiness short lived? Because Google says “Media Ads is still in limited release to major motion picture studios promoting new release features. Over time, we plan to offer Media Ads to more advertisers in more industries to help them promote their videos on”. That’s why. So my research is not so useful for me, as my clientele is no way from motion pictures. I do hope after reading this blog others will find it useful & might just thank me for it.

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