Google AdWords Express – Is It Right For You?

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In it’s never ending quest to provide more advertising opportunities to local businesses (or to just rake in more dollars – depends on how you look at it), Google has launched a simpler AdWords option called the AdWords Express (successor to their product Boost).  This nomadic version is only available to small & local business providers.

It is basically a stripped down version of Google AdWords. The sign-up process is quite simple. All you have to do is:

  • Create an AdWords Express account
  • Create an ad copy for your business
  • Decide whether you want the ad to be directed to your website or a Google Places page which Google will help you create if needed
  • Set the monthly budget for your campaign
  • And you are good to go!

So is it good for YOU?

If you just want to put up your ad on Google without getting lost in the maze known as AdWords, this might be a viable option for you. Just set the monthly budget and Google will take care of optimizing your campaign and show your ads at the right time. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now here is the catch, even though Google provides a periodic performance report, you never really are in control of how Google spends the money or when it shows your ads. You don’t get such privileges when you are an ordinary PPC manager. But being Google has its advantages.

Its like giving kids money and telling them to buy whatever they want. You know they are going to spend all of it but how well they spend it is anybody’s guess.

What should you do?

If you are a small business owner, who doesn’t have the time, money or energy to invest in a full-fledged PPC campaign then spare yourselves the headache and go ahead with AdWords Express. A monthly budget of around $50-$200 is ideal for starting such a campaign.

But if you are willing to invest more, like a thousand dollars, then its better if you spend a little more and get a PPC expert to manage your campaign and in turn get better control over it.

Impact of AdWords Express?

It provides a simplistic approach for small business owners, who have never advertised online before, to get their name out there without much hassle and spares them the nightmare of building everything from scratch for a new campaign. It wakes them up to the potential of Internet Marketing. Once they have tasted the juicy meat of PPC it is going to be difficult for them to refrain from trying it again.

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