Role Of Keywords In Conversions Part 2

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How to create a proper structure of the attribution model?

Mentioned below are some points that can help you have a better PPC campaign management:

The first thing that you need to do is to find out how many visits per conversion are there on your website. You can use web analytics tool to get the intelligence. Using a free tool like Google Analytics can help cut the cost. If the average number of visits per conversion is found to be greater than 1, then it is clear that your customer needs more than 1 visit to convert. Using last click attribution method while determining the average number of visits per conversion shows that you only treasure the last click and do not give any credit to other PPC factors that helped introduce and influence the buyers. Therefore, it is always better to use attribution management while calculating the number of visits as the introducers and influencers form the integral part of the conversion.

Classify all your keywords (including paused keywords) into three different categories – introducers, closers and influencers. If you don’t have the technology that can do this task for you, use your mind’s guess work technology. While making intelligent guesses, just make sure that you put right keywords for your PPC into the right category. The ‘introducers’ category includes general terms describing your business, like ‘laptop’, ‘mobiles’, etc. Closers comprise of the brand names, exact product names and model numbers, for example, ‘MacBook Pro H2233’, ‘Sony Ericsson K750i’, etc. Things which are not classified under any of the above mentioned categories can be classified as influencers.

Tally the number of introducers, closers and influencers that you presently have in your ongoing PPC campaigns. Make certain that you are not favoring only your closers. Ignoring your introducers and influencers in your pay per click program may create disequilibrium in the figures.

After you have counted the number of introducers, closers and influencers in your active Pay per Click campaigns, count the same for your paused campaigns as well. Did you notice a change? Were you giving more importance to the keywords falling under influencer and introducer groups in your paused PPC campaigns?

The next step in building a good PPC campaign management is to create a touchstone. Make a report taking into account the number of times closing keywords were converted in the previous year.

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