Role Of Keywords In Conversions Part 3

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Continuing on how to create a proper structure of the attribution model

The next step involves selecting a large sample size from all the factors that fall under the introducers and influencers categories of your paused PPC campaigns. So, if you want to have an effective PPC campaign management, just turn those keywords back on. This is a significant milestone and helps in generating considerable traffic for your website. It describes your business in an effective manner and makes visitors visit your site again.

After turning them back on, measure the impact that each of these keywords have on your pay per click program. But, before you measure, tally the number of conversions these keywords receive from the ‘last click’. Don’t think that if a keyword falls under introducer or influencer category, it can’t act as a closer.

While determining the numbers in the preceding step, you may find a decline in the overall conversion rate and an increase in the cost per acquisition (CPA). This is so because when you spend in introducers and influencers and evaluate only by the last click (closers), your introducers and influencers seem to not contribute in the overall calculation of the conversion rate. While doing this, you may see your overall CPA increasing just because you are purchasing more PPCs but this may not hold good in all cases.

You might even wonder if rising conversion rate and declining CPA is the reason why you are in this PPC business. But, this is certainly not the case. You are in this business because you want to generate profits. It may appear to be counterintuitive but net profit can get higher even when conversion rate reduces and CPA rises. Thus, the real and authentic measuring standard is the total pay per click campaign revenue. You can calculate your profits by calculating the increase that you receive in your revenue after adding the influencers and introducers back into the PPC campaign. If you see a sharp rise in the revenue, then you can probably say that including influencers and introducers in your PPC campaign proved to be successful.

Following these simple steps, you will know why some marketers develop more sophisticated and structured attribution models rather than giving credit to the last click.

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