Search Logic v/s Display Magic

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$14.5 Billion spent on online display in 2011(till date)! The mystery continues ……..will display finally stop being the ugly sister to search?? Can publishers monetize enough

Search Logic

Search Logic

Display Magic

Display Magic

from the platform that is so dynamic? Well, the good news is YES! They can. The traditional ideology of capturing more brand dollars by relying solely on search advertising is not the darling strategy anymore

Honestly, I too have always gone the conventional way of being a strong disciple of search advertising simply because it offers the safe way out when it comes to guaranteeing the return of investment. A practice widespread among search advertisers is to design search ads that are so relevant to the individual user that they are essentially the content on the website. This ideology has announced its arrival in the display world as well. Personalization and targeting are truly transforming the display advertising business, to the benefit of publishers and users alike

Display – Not a Gamble!

A myth that prevails among the advertising professionals is that you opt for showing up on the display network only if you have surplus dollars considering the hefty sum that will need to be invested while launching a display campaign. However, I would rubbish this belief as display network, in my opinion, allows an advertiser to access the markets they otherwise would not have been able to target and do so with a better ROI than ever before. But there is a caveat. It requires a different set of skills, tools and is more time-consuming than search advertising when done correctly. In many ways, display network advertising is a process of exclusion, not just inclusion. The implication being that it requires more time to design, develop, create and fine-tune, before the campaign matures. Let’s say you found the website you want to advertise on. You found a specific section of the website and the specific page where you think you can get the best ROI, and you have an image ad that that fits the format. If you want to make it even more attractive, you should create an ad that is consistent with not only the topic being discussed, but the mood, tone and even the color scheme of the page. All of these tactics contribute to just how compelling your ad will be.

A Contest Down to the Wire….

Search has toppled advertising upside down, creating billions of dollars of value throughout in the last decade. Display advertising on the other hand is like a ball: given a slight nudge, it could roll either forward or back. The falling cost of computing power now makes it possible for players like Google to harness technology and deliver individually personalized, full-size graphical banner ads that help create customized ads on the display network. Sophisticated solutions & tools like ‘Display Ad Builder’ give the users a chance to build banner ads and create display ads of the required length and also generate a potential to hold the strength of each user’s interest in the product. Each ad can be optimized to its surroundings and relevant to the recipient.

Onset of Display Dominance!

I think there are going to be two kinds of advertising in 10 years from now: Display Advertising & Dinosaur Advertising. Thus, I strongly believe this form of advertising will continue to triumph its way to glory while the rest will be eyeing an extinction

We are very early still in the application of technology to display. As a result, display ad spend is set to grow dramatically, and this time publishers will be on the winning side of the equation. This year is set to be the first year when individually personalized performance ads become a meaningful driver of the industry’s revenue growth.

Display is search’s inferior cousin? Not any more – Welcome to the Future!

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