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Search engine marketing is the best form of marketing in today’s time when internet has reached every nook and corner of the world. For all those who want to promote products and services through search engine marketing, pay per click campaign is an ideal solution because of higher ROI and great impact on the audience. As part of search engine marketing tool, both Google search and content play a crucial role and complement each other in order to get the desired PPC results. Every company desires to get maximum pay per click traffic to the website but for enhanced and improved traffic, it is important to understand the two cousins called search and content because both are unique in their own ways. While working under PPC campaign management, it is essential to incorporate content and pay per click search in different PPC campaigns.

Both paid search and content are important for effective and successful search engine marketing. These two important factors have great and unique impact on audience, performance and keywords targeting which are essentials of any PPC campaign.

  • Audience: When we think about driving more traffic to the website, then use of pay per click search is more active because of the uniqueness of pay per click advertisements. The audience will get to know about the products at one specific point which leads to effective search engine marketing. Involvement of audience is much more in case of PPC advertising as compared to any other form because it is more interactive. Whereas traffic coming from content network is always passive. In this case, it is very difficult to grab the attention of audience for the advertisement. So, the best solution is to strengthen PPC campaign management and drive more active prospects to the website.
  • Performance: Since pay per click search is more active, hence motivated traffic can be found under the search category. This highly motivated traffic leads to better click through rate which further enhances the process of search engine marketing. On the other hand, performance of the website drastically comes down through the traffic generated through content. As part of PPC campaign management, higher performance can be ensured because of higher conversion rates as compared to the content traffic. The conversion rate can be best achieved through PPC search.
  • Targeting: While thinking about the relevant keywords for paid search, it is important to know that each word has its own entity which helps in stimulating the process of search engine marketing. But in case of content, Google considers all the keywords under ad group which reduces the impact on search engine marketing.

Since content and paid search are different concepts, therefore, they are to be implemented with great care. Both of these forms can be used under one PPC campaign through different keywords, advertisement copy and analysis. As part of search engine marketing, it is crucial to tap the potential of both pay per click search network and content network.

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