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We live in the era of marketability and profitability. With time, immense technological growth and innovations happened and today internet is one of the most powerful medium of communication with great penetration among people. Internet usability for advertisement is the trend of the day but the task to attract a few visitors to your site is very challenging.

There are certain essential conditions drawn by industry pundits to enhance search engine strategies and draw visitors to a particular site and call for an action. These days there are various usability consultants that provide solutions to augment search engine tactics and increase their chances with call to action.

There are certain essential factors to keep in mind among which wording is one of the most important. Wording comprises everything ranging from “buy now” to “download here.” It is a very critical aspect and has to be dealt smartly. Wording is essential for B2B as well as B2C service. Every word used should make a person take action. The language making use of imperative verb or a command verb usually is impressive to demand an action. This also helps to increase response rates as people are more cautious when they click. They always look for options that can tell them what they are getting.

A person should always choose his words keeping the interest factor in mind. For example something like “Buy Now” increases conversions but on the other side button like “Add To Cart” increases prospects for order values as the customer is not burdened to buy.

To enhance the usability of search engine and provoke a person for an action the size of buttons also plays a great role. Most people think “Bigger is Better” but bigger at times can mean banner. Call to action button is relatively small as compared to other elements available on the page. Usability of big buttons always help as only a blind will not be able to see it. This will certainly help for call to action.

Apart from size, the shape of the buttons also enhances the usability of the website and prompts call to action. Try to use irregular figures; it catches the eye of the visitor. You can be innovative and can make use of any distinct mark that is interesting.

Usability of style is another factor that should be kept in mind. Anything that is common will be boring to prompt call to action. It’s always better to avoid flat-type buttons and design something that looks real and clickable.

Wording is a highly creative domain, combined with size, shape and style of buttons. This becomes an interesting factor to prove “call to action” and enhance the value of your website.

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