Strategies For Mobile Paid Search Advertising

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Adoption of smartphones has increased dramatically over the past few years and that is probably the reason why mobile search advertising is becoming one of the most important methods of advertising. Brand managers need to be able to deploy effective mobile search advertising campaigns that will help make the most of this rise of Smartphones and bring in profits for their brand.

Traditionally, mobile ads work similar to other forms of PPC. While the layout may be similar, there are several aspects such as user intent, keyword selection, targeting options etc. that need to be kept in mind while planning a specific mobile strategy.

In most cases, pay per click advertising on mobile works best for inexpensive products or ads that require immediate action such as downloading a ringtone or ordering a pizza. Targeting through mobile ads is a lot more specific as you can choose your device and carrier in order to display the ads only to the relevant audience. For e.g. For an Android app you can choose only Android phone owners to be able to view the ad. Since mobile owners will always search using shorter phrases, your campaigns can target shorter search queries.

With Mobile PPC advertising it is a great idea to incorporate Google Maps into your strategy. There are several strategic ways in which you could include Google Maps into your plan. During important events in a year brands can include special offers in their mobile ads. Similarly, brands can also come up with special offers during seasons such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve etc. To draw people to their stores, brands can also include their store’s physical location along with an incentive for users who visit the store. If you are targeting iPhone users you can advertise using the app store which is a great way to connect with users of the Smartphone.

In order to boost “Click to call” mobile advertising brands should make it a point to include their phone number in their ad. This is a great tactic for those who want to draw customers to their storefront and connect with their consumer.


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