Successful PPC Campaign Management Through Efficiency and Scaling – Pt2

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For effective search engine marketing, it is important to look out for incremental opportunities and one such tool apart from keyword expansion is impression share (IS). Impression share is a great tool under pay per click campaign and this tool consists of four important data points including;

  • Impression share – it is the percentage of the impressions gathered to the total impression available in a PPC campaign.
  • Lost IS (rank) – it is the percentage of the impressions lost due to lower rank in search engines. These lower impressions have a negative impact on search engine marketing process.
  • Lost IS (budget) – it is the percentage of the impressions lost due to various budget constraints of the company. It usually happens when the company cannot invest more on this PPC tool because of shortage of funds.
  • Exact match IS – it is the percentage of exact match impressions to the total exact match impressions available. This kind of exact impression works the best for search engine marketing.

By using the combination of these four kinds of impressions, company can easily figure out which PPC campaign is working well for the company in terms of converting every incremental opportunity. It also helps in leveraging PPC campaign management because all possible ways to return on investment can easily be judged. All these factors are of a great help to the company undertaking pay per click campaign because here the company can also identify the minimum rank required in the search engines to drive more traffic.  It is advisable to run rank-based analysis so as to maximize the results of PPC campaign management.

When looking to maximize the volume of business, it is extremely important to achieve that rank which falls in an ideal range of ranks so as to experience effective search engine marketing. The conversion rate might not change with the change in rank because it is a simple rank-based analysis which will help in better PPC campaign management.

After keyword expansion and impression share, the third crucial tool for pay per click campaign is to scale the PPC account with the help of sophisticated bid management. Through this bid management PPC tool, it will be easy to identify the range within which the efficiency achieved can be managed. For maintaining an average rank for the ideal return on investment, the bids can be adjusted accordingly keeping in mind the ongoing search engine marketing process. While trying to efficiently scale search engine marketing efforts, the company needs to be really careful since it is a tedious task and it is important to keep one thing in mind that goals to drive more volume should always be the priority.

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